Trimble makes retirement official
by Ben Johnson (@BenJohnsonTUL)
4/12/2018 3:47:36 PM
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JENKS — Allan Trimble has acquired plenty of hardware throughout his coaching career. But he’ll treasure the sentimental items more as he ventures into retirement, which for him begins June 30.

“It’s not the trophies,” Trimble said when asked on Thursday what he’s most proud of during his time as Jenks’ head coach. “It’s probably some of the great people in my life along the way. Also proud of the Jenks environment.”

The Jenks establishment, that Trimble created 22 years ago when he became the Trojans’ head coach, will continue with a new head coach when the 2018 begins. And on Thursday, at Jenks’ Sharp Center, the iconic Trojans coach made his retirement announcement official.

“This program deserves someone who can go full speed,” said an emotional Trimble, seated alone at a table draped in a Jenks Trojans tablecloth. “In my heart, it’s time to get some new air in the sails. Need to put a man in the position that can emotionally and physically grind it out.”

The next Jenks coach will have to follow Trimble’s 242-41 record and 13 state championships while at the helm for the Trojans. And Trimble hopes to be involved, but he’ll figure out his participation once a new coach is named.

“Retirement will allow me to go about things at a different pace,” said Trimble, who was diagnosed with AmytrophicLateral Sclerosis — also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease —nearly two years ago. “ALS is very unforgiving.”

Trimble, who recalled beginning his football career in 1976 in seventh grade, spent most of his time Thursday thanking those who have enhanced his coaching career, from coaches to players to administrators.

“Go down the list of players I’ve gotten to coach,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

As for his legacy, Trimble said he wanted to be thought of for a few outstanding qualities.

“Doing things right and working really, really hard,” said Trimble, 54. “And being a good mentor.”

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