Class 6AII preview
by Ben Johnson (@BenJohnsonTUL)
7/6/2018 1:17:57 AM
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Look back at 2017

2017 district champs

6AII-1: Midwest City - The Bombers parlayed a narrow overtime loss to Booker T. Washington into an unbeaten run through 6AII's District 1. Midwest City's only challenge in district play was a six-point victory over Lawton in late September, and from there the Bombers claimed their seventh district title since 2007. But on the verge of advancing to the title game, Midwest City was upended by Bixby.

6AII-2: Booker T. Washington - Not a single team was able to put forth a sustainable challenge for the Hornets in district play. Booker T. Washington averaged 47.7 points per game against district opponents, and that was after posting three straight 63-point showings to begin 6AII-2 play. The playoffs weren't much different for the Hornets. Blowout wins over Putnam City and Lawton segued to a title game, where the Booker T. Washington knocked off Bixby, 28-21.


Talking title game: Booker T. Washington 28, Bixby 21