Barry Said It Would Happen
by Michael Swisher (@michaelswisher)
9/6/2017 2:46:04 PM
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As I said in last week's column, "Swisher's Suite" has made its return. If you're a former reader of CoachesAid, you probably have an idea of what I'm talking about. If you're under 21, you probably just googled "CoachesAid" to figure out what in the world I'm talking about. Regardless, this is a column I'll be writing weekly for all Skordle users to enjoy/get mad at/laugh at/roll your eyes at throughout the year.

MOST of my content will be related to high school sports. However, as readers of the former Suite can attest, I'll often times venture off into the world of college and pro sports, pop culture and stuff you won't even care that I care about.

But I'm going to make you read it anyway.

For instance, my old column was packed full of Jessica Simpson references. I loved her. Made uncomfortable (for her) advances at her via my written word. Embarrassed myself with my obvious obsession over here.

BUT, in the years since, she's remarried and I've met my own Jessica Simpson. Her name is Julie...and I suckered her into marrying me in January. In other words, I probably won't be making too many references to Jessica Simpson or any other gorgeous blonde who would no doubt love me if they just met me. Not happening.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's jump into some football...

Barry said it would happen

Bixby ended a 40-year drought last Friday night when the three-time defending 6A JV champs knocked off Jenks 35-18.

The Trojans had dominated the rivalry (which hadn't been played every season) before Bixby started to close the gap last season.

As the Tulsa World's Barry Lewis predicted last week, Bixby got over the hump this year and used an impressive fourth quarter to earn the come-from-behind win.

What does it mean?

As we said in last week's column, Jenks is staring at the realistic possibility of at least an 0-3 start.

The Trojans will battle rival Union Friday night in this year's Backyard Bowl, a game in which Union will be the decided favorite.

It's often overstated in rivalry games that you can throw records out the window. In this case, however, that's often true. 

Many a time the underdog in this rivalry has come away with a win, whether it be in their regular season matchup, or when they often times meet up in a playoff rematch (Jenks won 35-28 in last year's regular season and scored at least 44 points in every game after until losing 45-21 to Union in the semifinals).

However, it's tough to imagine Jenks finding a way to overcome an extremely talented Union squad.

A loss would push the Trojans' losing streak to four games dating to last year's semifinal defeat. 

Again, when's the last time that happened to that mighty program? (My team of researchers is currently looking into it.)

But enough about the state's largest class. You can read about them anywhere. Let's look elsewhere in the world of football...

Booker T. wins big showdown

OK, so I lied. We're going to talk about 6A JV for a minute longer (sorry if that term offends some, but that's what 103 percent of the coaches I know call it). 

Two teams that figure to have a chance to contend for that state title are Booker T. Washington and Midwest City.

The two met up last Friday in a Week 1 showdown that was apparently every bit as good as advertised. In the end, Booker T. got the 27-24 overtime win on the road.

Regardless, it's tough to imagine anyone knocking off Bixby right now. The Spartans might have too much up front for anyone else in the class to be able to overcome.

Heritage Hall is back

Another pair of state title contenders squared off that same night in Oklahoma City - 4A's Heritage Hall and 3A's John Marshall.

Devonte Lee lived up to his hype as he torched the Chargers for 280 yards and three touchdowns on the ground.

However, John Marshall had five fumbles and produced just 55 yards of offense outside of Lee.

Meanwhile, after falling behind 13-6 in the third quarter, Heritage Hall rattled off five straight scores to pull away in the 41-20 victory.

It's evident the Chargers are a different team with Blake Adams, who got injured toward the end of last season, at quarterback.

His presence and Heritage Hall's overall depth proved too much for John Marshall down the stretch.

Most people say Jones is the team to beat in Class 3A until someone knocks off the defending champ. However, I think John Marshall has the manpower to get it done. The Bears are my pick right now.

As for Heritage Hall, it will be interesting to see if the Chargers can release the east's stranglehold on the 4A title before dropping back to 3A next year.

I see you....

Washington - The Warriors defeated Chisholm 21-7, avenging a pair of losses to the Longhorns a year ago (once in the second round of the playoffs). Washington was a 2A darkhorse entering the season, but made a statement with the win against the Longhorns. The win moved the Warriors up two spots to No. 5 in this week's Skordle rankings. Moving higher could be tough...2A is loaded at the top.

Kingfisher - The Yellowjacket seniors had never beaten Tuttle in football...not in junior high and not in high school. That ended last week with a 27-21 home win against the Tigers, who were coming off an unbeaten regular season in 2016. The loss to Tuttle last year was Kingfisher's only blemish in the regular season. The Jackets were up 21-0 just 30 seconds into the second quarter, got 36- and 39-yard field goals from Cade Strickland in the third quarter, then hung on for dear life as Tuttle went to the air to mount a comeback. How good is Tuttle this year? It remains to be seen. The Tigers are replacing a majority of their offensive skill players,'s Tuttle. You expect the Tigers to be good. Kingfisher, meanwhile, opened some eyes that the undersized Yellowjackets won't go down easily this year.

I'm watching you...

Alva - The Goldbugs have won their first two games by a combined 103-7 against overmatched foes Blackwell and Thomas. I'm not ready to declare that Taylor Schwerdtfeger's teams has arrived, but if the Goldbugs can find a way to get the Hennessey monkey off their backs, they'll be 5-0 going into a Week 6 showdown at Chisholm, one for which they'll have two weeks to prepare. Win that game, then we'll talk some more, Schwetty.

Tyrone - Class C's Bobcats just blanked Turpin 50-0 in its opener. The Oklahoman has Turpin at No. 9 in Class B. While Skordle doesn't have Tyrone ranked as of yet, it has a home matchup with No. 3 Sharon-Mutual in Week 5. A win there and I won't just be watching, I'll see you.

Get Fit Swish

One of the features of the old Suite was my search for physical self improvement, simply titled "Get Fit Swish."

In it, I would provide readers with weekly updates in my quest to once again become physically fit. It wasn't a way to pat myself on the back for any accomplishments, rather a desire for some accountability.

If my readers know I'm trying to get fit, but instead see me getting fat, maybe they let me know about it (not that the mirror doesn't already tell me).

Well, just like the Suite, "Get Fit Swish" needs a revival.

I'm in terrible shape. Awful. Worst of my life and that's saying something.

Right at a year ago, I started eating much better and got back into a workout routine. Dropped about 15 pounds and fit into smaller clothes. Man I looked good.

Then came November: The start of small-school basketball and football playoffs, not to mention Thanksgiving.

Then came December, which turned into wedding prep, more basketball and, of course, the holiday season.

Then came January, which featured a wedding smack dab in the middle of the two busiest basketball tournament weeks of the season.

Then came February and playoffs.

Not only was I off the wagon, but the wagon was so far out of sight I couldn't remember what it looked like.

But all that is just one big, fat (see what I did there?) excuse.

We can find a million reasons to not eat better and not get in some form of workout routine. I've used most of them.

It's time for me to get rid of them and find that smaller Swish again. I think he's in here somewhere.

Hopefully you'll notice a difference the next time you see me (a good one, anyway).

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