Skordle Sampler
by Michael Swisher (@michaelswisher)
8/27/2019 9:04:42 AM
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(Ed. note: We here at Skordle fancy ourselves aficionados in many areas. Sports. Scores. Blogs. Podcasts. Food. Ah, yes. Food. We fry it. We grill eat. We smoke it. We bake it. We eat it. Judge us not by the ridiculousness of our weekly football picks, but by the sizes of our waistlines. We know of what we speak. Skordle will be live streaming a "Game of the Week" each week throughout the football season. Road trips mean food stops. Therefore, we found it prudent to offer up a suggestion or two of where you might want to eat if you were making the trip yourself. We might also offer up some tips for cooking at home, as we've done below. Now, it's not always fun to eat alone, so please join us. Send us your pics of your own creations or the best thing you ate this week. There will be many contributors throughout the blog's existence. The first offering is from coach John Hardaway. So, please, read, eat, drink...and enjoy. - Michael Swisher)

The second best thing about the fall besides football is all the food that comes along with all the football!

The two things go hand and hand and both are two of my favorite things to talk about.

I’ll leave the football expertise to Swish and Ben and the other guys and I’ll focus on the food.

Also, this can only be fun if everyone else joins in and provides feedback and opinions.

Its ok…it’s just food, not politics, religion, music, or a debate about who had the best junior high team in the county 25 years ago (we all know it was Fairview’s eighth grade team in 1995). 

Where is the Game of Week? Perry

Where to Eat? Kumback Lunch Café

Kumback Lunch Café has been on the square in downtown Perry for really long time - since 1926 - and claims to be the oldest café in Oklahoma. 

It’s a classic “greasy spoon” place that’s known for all the favorites you would expect from a hometown joint. 

I’ve eaten at the Kumback several times and normally I go with chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and okra or one of the cheeseburgers with their onion rings.

I was with two other friends the last time I was at Kumback. I took command and ordered fried mushrooms as an appetizer. I mean, I figured: Who doesn’t love fried mushrooms? 

Well, neither of my two friends did. 

Guess I should have asked, but the positive was I got a whole order fried mushrooms for myself and they were really solid. 

A Perry insider tells me his pick is the hamburger steak. 

Send us some pictures from your visit to Kumback! 

Food Suggestion for the Weekend:

Pork Burgers – I know everyone in Oklahoma loves hamburgers. 

So do I. 

But have you ever had a pork burger? 

If not, you need to. Trust me! 

First, do not go run to the store and buy a roll of Jimmy Dean or JC Potter pork sausage. This is a common mistake first-timers make. 

You’re looking for GROUND PORK. 

Now, whatever your favorite way to do hamburgers, just do that with ground pork instead. I promise you will not be disappointed with the flavor and quality.

I like Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and black pepper for my pork burgers, topped with Colby Jack cheese, sliced onion and mustard.

Pepper jack and guacamole is really good too. 

What’s great about pork burgers is they fit every single flavor profile!