Week 1 picks
by Ben Johnson (@BenJohnsonTUL)
9/5/2019 7:19:56 PM
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Zero week was all about Swisher flexing on both myself and Whitt. Let’s see if we can’t bring him back down to earth this week….

Zero Week
Michael Swisher: 11-3
Whitt Carter: 7-7
Ben Johnson: 8-6

(Should mention that my wife and Whitt’s wife are picking on the side, and once I can get these picks posted on time I’ll make sure to include Madison Carter’s picks so she doesn’t get mad at me anymore!)

Millwood at Heritage Hall

Michael Swisher: Heritage Hall
Whitt Carter: Heritage Hall
Ben Johnson: Heritage Hall

Broken Arrow at Union

Michael Swisher: Broken Arrow
Whitt Carter: Union
Ben Johnson: Union

Carl Albert at Midwest City

Michael Swisher: Carl Albert
Whitt Carter: Carl Albert
Ben Johnson: Carl Albert

Bixby at Jenks

Michael Swisher: Jenks
Whitt Carter: Bixby
Ben Johnson: Jenks

Booker T. Washington at Bishop Kelley

Michael Swisher: Booker T. Washington
Whitt Carter: Booker T. Washington
Ben Johnson: Booker T. Washington

Bishop McGuinness at Del City

Michael Swisher: Del City
Whitt Carter: Del City
Ben Johnson: Bishop McGuinness

Lincoln Christian at Jones

Michael Swisher: Lincoln Christian
Whitt Carter: Jones
Ben Johnson: Lincoln Christian

Tuttle at Kingfisher

Michael Swisher: Tuttle
Whitt Carter: Tuttle
Ben Johnson: Tuttle

Sapulpa at Edison

Michael Swisher: Sapulpa
Whitt Carter: Sapulpa
Ben Johnson: Sapulpa

Crossings Christian at Rejoice Christian

Michael Swisher: Rejoice Christian
Whitt Carter: Rejoice Christian
Ben Johnson: Rejoice Christian

Norman at Norman North

Michael Swisher: Norman
Whitt Carter: Norman North
Ben Johnson: Norman

Claremore at Bartlesville

Michael Swisher: Claremore
Whitt Carter: Claremore
Ben Johnson: Bartlesville

Broken Bow at Idabel

Michael Swisher: Broken Bow
Whitt Carter: Broken Bow
Ben Johnson: Broken Bow

Cascia Hall at Holland Hall

Michael Swisher: Holland Hall
Whitt Carter: Cascia Hall
Ben Johnson: Cascia Hall

Vian at Eufaula

Michael Swisher: Vian
Whitt Carter: Vian
Ben Johnson: Vian

Davenport at Weleetka

Michael Swisher: Davenport
Whitt Carter: Davenport
Ben Johnson: Davenport

Medford at Buffalo

Michael Swisher: Buffalo
Whitt Carter: Buffalo
Ben Johnson: Buffalo

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