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9/5/2019 8:42:34 PM
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1. Millwood (1)
2. Metro Christian (2)
3. Sperry (3)
4. Vian (4)
5. Holland Hall (5)
6. Jones (6)
7. Beggs (7)
8. Washington (8)
9. Kingston (9)
10. Eufaula (10)

Class A

1. Cashion (1)
2. Stroud (2)
3. Thomas (3)
4. Pawhuska (4)
5. Rejoice Christian (5)
6. Tonkawa (6)
7. Christian Heritage (7)
8. Crossings Christian (9)
9. Morrison (10)
10. Pawnee (NR)

Class B

1. Shattuck (1)
2. Regent Prep (2)
3. Davenport (3)
4. Cherokee (4)
5. Laverne (5)
6. Keota (6)
7. Dewar (7)
8. Weleetka (8)
9. Snyder (9)
10. Wetumka (10)

Class C

1. SW Covenant (2)
2. Tipton (1)
3. Pond Creek-Hunter (3)
4. Buffalo (4)
5. Coyle (5)
6. Covington-Douglas (6)
7. Fox (7)
8. Tyrone (8)
9. Sharon-Mutual (9)
10. Medford (10)

Our best guess(es)Ö

Class 2A

Michael Swisher: Vian - I could be way off on this one, but Iím going with a wildcard. Sperry dominated everyone in the playoffs and will be salty on defense. Metro will have the flashy offense. Both of them are great picks. Iíll take Vian, which is a steady force year in and year out.

Whitt Carter: Metro Christian - This class is wide open. Millwood will certainly have a say and I think Jones and Adair will be very good by yearís end, but Iíll go with the Patriots, who have some key pieces back including quarterback Asher Link.

Ben Johnson: Metro Christian - If the Patriotsí defense is solid, Metro Christian could be hard to beat with Asher Link leading the charge.

Class A

Michael Swisher: Cashion - The Wildcats have been good - really good - some years, but so unlucky. Other years theyíve caught some breaks, but maybe werenít as good as the best in the class. This could be the year for Shack and the ĎCats. He returns 21 starters from a team that won the toughest district in the class a year ago and went unbeaten in the regular season. If they stay healthy and Harman is at least productive at QB, theyíll be tough to top.

Whitt Carter: Ringling - (from the editorís desk)Ö Whitt originally had Cashion. Then he got some inside intel that Ringling is really good. Thatís the pick.

Ben Johnson: Stroud - Iíll go with the Elerick family to get it done and win a title this season.

Class B

Michael Swisher: Regent Prep - Itís really tough to pick against Shattuck, which just knows how to win in November and December, including last yearís 42-26 victory over Regent in last yearís title game. However, nobody will put more talent on the field than Regent this year and it will equate into a state title.

Whitt Carter: Shattuck - If it ainít broke, donít fix it. I have learned in previous years to basically auto pick these guys to win it all. Although there are some teams that can challenge, it wonít be enough.

Ben Johnson: Regent Prep - (insert what Swisher said right here)

Class C

Michael Swisher: Tipton - See Class 5A and Class 3A. Not picking against Tipton. @me,

Whitt Carter: Southwest Covenant - Crazy not to go with Tipton, but the talent coming back on offense for SW Covenant is unreal. I think thatís enough to knock off the big bad Tigers and win it all.

Ben Johnson: SW Covenant - Tipton canít win them all. Might as well go with the Patriots.

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