by Ben Johnson (@BenJohnsonTUL)
9/20/2019 6:29:01 PM
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Here’s how things stand through Week 2 and 44 games picked by the Skordle fellas (and a few wives).

Last week

Michael Swisher: 11-2
Whitt Carter: 8-5
Ben Johnson: 11-2
Alicia Johnson: 11-2
Madison Carter: 9-4


Swisher: 37-7
Whitt: 27-17
Ben: 30-14
Alicia: 29-15
Madison: 25-19

Holland Hall at Metro Christian

Michael Swisher: Metro Christian
Whitt Carter: Metro Christian
Ben Johnson: Metro Christian

Kingfisher at Bethany

Michael Swisher: Bethany
Whitt Carter: Bethany
Ben Johnson: Bethany

Kingston at Sperry

Michael Swisher: Sperry
Whitt Carter: Sperry
Ben Johnson: Sperry

Putnam City North at Choctaw

Michael Swisher: PC North
Whitt Carter: PC North
Ben Johnson: PC North

Edison at Claremore

Michael Swisher: Claremore
Whitt Carter: Edison
Ben Johnson: Edison

Mustang at Westmoore

Michael Swisher: Mustang
Whitt Carter: Westmoore
Ben Johnson: Mustang

Elgin at Plainview

Michael Swisher: Plainview
Whitt Carter: Plainview
Ben Johnson: Plainview

Clinton at Lawton MacArthur

Michael Swisher: Lawton Mac
Whitt Carter: Lawton Mac
Ben Johnson: Clinton

Pawhuska at Morrison

Michael Swisher: Pawhuska
Whitt Carter: Pawhuska
Ben Johnson: Pawhuska

Ponca City at Collinsville

Michael Swisher: Collinsville
Whitt Carter: Collinsville
Ben Johnson: Collinsville

Chickasha at El Reno

Michael Swisher: El Reno
Whitt Carter: El Reno
Ben Johnson: El Reno

Oologah at Hilldale

Michael Swisher: Oologah
Whitt Carter: Oologah
Ben Johnson: Oologah

Checotah at Eufaula

Michael Swisher: Checotah
Whitt Carter: Eufaula
Ben Johnson: Checotah

Millwood at Cascia Hall

Michael Swisher: Millwood
Whitt Carter: Millwood
Ben Johnson: Millwood

Cashion at Crescent
Michael Swisher: Cashion
Whitt Carter: Cashion
Ben Johnson: Cashion

Hominy at Barnsdall
Michael Swisher: Hominy
Whitt Carter: Hominy
Ben Johnson: Barnsdall

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