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9/26/2019 10:37:46 PM
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It’s time for most teams to embark on district games. Let’s take a look at what’s become apparent so far…

Mansfield, Texas teams stink

Everyone hypes up Texas football, but wow, the teams in Mansfield are ……. ungood. I mean, sure, Union lost in one of the only competitive games between five Oklahoma teams and the Mansfield clubs. But I watched Mansfield Legacy with my own eyes, and I watched Jenks to shove it down their throat all game long. That’s all I needed to know about the caliber of teams down there.

6AI runs through Owasso (so far)

We’ll find out who the best team is in 6AI-2 on Friday night, but it appears as though Owasso is on track for its second title in three years. And hot take: If Blankenship wins another title at Owasso, he becomes the best high school football coach this state has ever seen.

Bixby might be the best team in the state

Notice above I said “6AI-2” because the state’s best team could be in 6A Division II. Bixby is that good. If you’ve never watched Brennan Presley or any of his superstar teammates in Bixby, do yourself a favor and go see them before the Spartans’ season ends in another 6AII championship game.

Bishop Kelley has had the worst injury luck so far

The Comets had a chance to stand toe to toe with Carl Albert in Class 5A. Then Bishop Kelley lost defensive lineman Montrell Cozart, receiver Cori Lewis and Oklahoma State commit Zach Middleton to various injuries. Now Bishop Kelley will have to dig deep and grind its way through District 5A-3 until Lewis and Middleton maybe (possibly) come back.

We need to start using common sense when it comes to weather

One coach texted me and was pissed about a having a game cut short due to weather to close out non-district play. Someone happened to let the officials know that lightning was 32 -- THIRTY-TWO -- miles away. That’s outrageous. Look, I get it, safety is the name of the game. But let’s use some common sense. We all live in Oklahoma; we all know how to read radars. Just because you see lightning doesn’t always mean there’s imminent danger. Take the 6AI title game last year …. We endured a long delay and were just about to get back to the game when a stray lightning strike flashed east of Tulsa. There was no chance it was coming back toward Chapman Stadium, and yet, the clock was reset to 30 minutes before teams could warm up. All I’m asking for is some common sense to be applied. 

Sam Brandt & Asher Link need to be getting more attention

Mason Williams is putting up silly numbers at Bixby, but there’s plenty of QB talent around. Sam Brandt is a menace on both sides of the ball for Bethany, and Asher Link has Metro Christian in position to be the favorite in 2A. More college coaches should be taking notice in these guys.

Dorian Plumley could lead El Reno to special things

If El Reno’s junior quarterback were two inches taller, college coaches would be knocking down his door. Some things never change on the recruiting trail.

Dae Dae Leathers might be the best RB you don’t know about

Dominic Richardson, Sevion Morrison, Qwontrel Walker and Tristan Truelove are notable running backs in this state, but Leathers is putting up solid numbers every week in far eastern Oklahoma.

Bristow & Mannford have a fantastic rivalry trophy

The Battle for the Boat trophy played for between the two Keystone Lake rivals KICKS ASS!

Heritage Hall remains good

Take a moment, allow the shock to wear off. OK, let’s continue….

Mike Snyder is about to be the king of coaching in Oklahoma

Might not be another guy in the state who remains so quiet and just continues to get the job done. And he’s a win shy of tying the state’s record for all-time coaching wins.

Classes 2A & A are extremely deep

As many as a dozen teams (if not more) could win the gold balls in 2A or A.

A really good team from District A-5 will miss the playoffs

Pawhuska, Barnsdall, Pawnee and Tonkawa are all unbeaten. Hominy is 3-1 and Morrison is 2-2. Only four of these teams will escape A-5 and venture into the playoffs. Buckle up!

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