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9/27/2019 10:10:31 AM
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Swisher is still in the lead, and blah blah blah. Whitt and I need to step it up

Week 3 picks

Michael Swisher - 9-6
Whitt Carter - 12-3
Ben Johnson - 13-2

Overall standings

Michael Swisher - 46-13
Whitt Carter - 41-18
Ben Johnson - 43-16

Broken Arrow at Jenks

Swisher: Broken Arrow
Whitt: Broken Arrow
Ben: Broken Arrow

Union at Owasso

Swisher: Owasso
Whitt: Owasso
Ben: Owasso

Del City at Choctaw

Swisher: Del City
Whitt: Del City
Ben: Del City

Sapulpa at Bixby

Swisher: Bixby
Whitt: Bixby
Ben: Bixby

Claremore at Collinsville

Swisher: Claremore
Whitt: Collinsville
Ben: Claremore

Elgin at Weatherford

Swisher: Elgin
Whitt: Elgin
Ben: Weatherford

Bethel at Sulphur

Swisher: Sulphur
Whitt: Sulphur
Ben: Sulphur

Cascia Hall at Verdigris

Swisher: Verdigris
Whitt: Cascia Hall
Ben: Verdigris

Lincoln Christian at Stigler

Swisher: Lincoln Christian
Whitt: Lincoln Christian
Ben: Lincoln Christian

Metro Christian at Adair

Swisher: Metro Christian
Whitt: Metro Christian
Ben: Metro Christian

Morris at Beggs

Swisher: Beggs
Whitt: Beggs
Ben: Beggs

Vian at Spiro

Swisher: Vian
Whitt: Vian
Ben: Vian

Barnsdall at Pawhuska

Swisher: Pawhuska
Whitt: Pawhuska
Ben: Pawhuska

Christian Heritage at Cashion

Swisher: Cashion
Whitt: Cashion
Ben: Cashion

Hooker at Thomas

Swisher: Thomas
Whitt: Thomas
Ben: Hooker

Tonkawa at Pawnee

Swisher: Tonkawa
Whitt: Tonkawa
Ben: Pawnee

Weleetka at Dewar

Swisher: Dewar
Whitt: Weleetka
Ben: Dewar

Buffalo at Boise City

Swisher: Boise City
Whitt: Buffalo
Ben: Boise City

Graham Dustin at Midway

Swisher: Midway
Whitt: Graham-Dustin
Ben: Midway

Seiling at Cherokee

Swisher: Cherokee
Whitt: Cherokee
Ben: Cherokee

**Photo by David Stacy

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