SKORDLE SAMPLER: Cafe Bahnhof in Waynoka
by Michael Swisher (@michaelswisher)
9/27/2019 11:57:35 AM
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(Ed. note: With regular contributor John Hardaway still recovering from his State Fair food coma, we called in a pinch hitter this week. We turned the Sampler over to Piedmont Athletic Director Layne Jones, an accomplished smoker of meats in his own right. Layne takes us on a trip to Germany...but you only have to go as far as northwest Oklahoma to get there.)

By Layne Jones

Piedmont Athletic Director

If you're anywhere in the vicinity of northwest Oklahoma - and I mean within 60 miles of Waynoka (heck, even if you're in the 90210 area code) - you HAVE to make a reservation at Cafe Bahnhof. 

This NW Oklahoma treasure is THE BEST German restaurant in the state. 

Not even close. 

Dieter Dorner opened this place over 20 years ago and he has been drawing people to Waynoka more and more each year. 

Discover Oklahoma did a feature on Bahnhof several years ago and they have been featured in print all over the state as well.

Now, for the down and dirty....Here is what you need to do. 

Start off with the warm pretzel with Bavarian mustard and also the sausage platter.

Dieter brought his German recipe with him and they craft these sausages just north of Waynoka in Kiowa, Kan., specifically for Cafe Bahnhof. 

The platter also comes with incredible sauerkraut....I hate sauerkraut, but I'll fight anyone for this one. 

Main entree - order the Rahmschnitzel....Fried pork tenderloin with a German coating called Knorr Fix....Covered in a mushroom and onion heavy cream mixture of heaven.

I really can't tell you much else other than you better give it a shot. 

Dieter only takes reservations and they're only open Thursday through Saturday for dinner. 

Dieter can be a little grumpy sometimes, but he is a great person serving incredible home-cooked Bavarian meals!

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