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11/7/2019 8:10:06 AM
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By John Hardaway

BBQ Expert

In the mood for some really solid BBQ in the Northwest OKC? 

Then I highly suggest you check out Smoked Out BBQ on Northwest Expressway. 

Just look for the cool NEON GREEN signage outside. 

The Richardson family has been cooking food for 75 years. 

Smoked Out began as a highly-regarded food truck and catering business and then opened their brick and mortar storefront a little over a year ago.

On my visits, I have been impressed with the quality of their sliced brisket, which is always the measuring stick for any serious BBQ joint in my opinion. 

Their ribs were great; nice and meaty, not these clean and cute ribs that I run into from time to time.

Sausage has good bite and spice and the pulled pork was moist and delicious. 

Smoked Out prides themselves on quality sides and I was impressed with their mac and cheese and beans. 

Now, here are the two best pieces of advice I could give someone going to Smoked Out BBQ. 

  1. Get a Holy Smokes plate and here are the details: Tots (my choice) or fries with 2 meats, shredded cheese and BBQ sauce. Itís ridiculously good, but I warn you that it will fill you up quick before the main meal if youíre not careful, so proceed with caution. Maybe split with a friendÖor maybe not?
  2. Get the banana pudding as the finisher! There is a sweet spot with banana pudding, between too crisp and too soggy and the banana pudding at Smoked Out is fantastic. Itís some of the best banana pudding I have had from anywhere.  

So, after the Holy Smokes plate, some brisket, ribs, sausage, pulled pork, mac and cheese, beans and banana pudding, just plan the next 2-3 hours of your day so you can find somewhere to get flat on your back and take a nap because youíre going to need it. 

Ask for LeRoy and tell him SKORDLE sent you! 

He will take great care of you and all your BBQ needs at 6220 Northwest Expressway.

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