Week 0 Picks
by Ben Johnson (@BenJohnsonTUL)
8/27/2020 10:56:06 PM
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We’re back. And in case you’ve forgotten, we’re all experts when it comes to picking high school football games. Yeah, right, there’s zero chance you belived that for seconds. 

So, with that, here’s the picks for this week

Union at Bixby

Michael Swisher: Bixby

Whitt Carter: Union 

Ben Johnson: Union 

Midwest City at Westmoore

Michael Swisher: Midwest City

Whitt Carter: Westmoore

Ben Johnson: Westmoore

Muskogee at Bishop McGuinness

Michael Swisher: Muskogee

Whitt Carter: McGuinness

Ben Johnson: Muskogee

Edmond Santa Fe at Owasso

Michael Swisher: Owasso

Whitt Carter: Owasso

Ben Johnson: Owasso

Poteau at Bishop Kelley

Michael Swisher: Bishop Kelley

Whitt Carter: Bishop Kelley

Ben Johnson: Bishop Kelley

Sulphur at Tuttle

Michael Swisher: Tuttle 

Whitt Carter: Tuttle

Ben Johnson: Tuttle

Stigler at Sallisaw

Michael Swisher: Sallisaw

Whitt Carter: Sallisaw 

Ben Johnson: Sallisaw

Lincoln Christian at Beggs

Michael Swisher: Beggs

Whitt Carter: Beggs

Ben Johnson: Lincoln Christian

Cashion at Rejoice Christian

Michael Swisher: Cashion 

Whitt Carter: Rejoice Christian 

Ben Johnson: Cashion

Washington at Pawnee

Michael Swisher: Washington 

Whitt Carter: Washington 

Ben Johnson: Washington 

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