SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 7 (2020)
by Michael Swisher (@michaelswisher)
10/15/2020 8:40:29 AM
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By John Hardaway

Somewhere I like to eat...Whataburger 

As we are rolling towards Fall Break here in Oklahoma, it’s time to reflect and honor the greatness of Whataburger. 

If you’re traveling, there is a good chance you will drive by one and ask yourself, should I stop here and eat? 

The answer is yes, and it always is yes. 

I have to laugh every time I see some claim of other places “much better” or the “best yada yada yada,” because it’s NOT better than Whataburger.

In my illustrious and celebrated eating career, I have eaten them all and Whataburger is king. 

I have yet to try the new Pico de Gallo Burger or Spicy Chicken Sandwich, but I’m sure, like every other item, they are excellent. 

So when you see the big “W” sign or the A-framed orange building, pull in and enjoy the best and don’t forget the spicy ketchup.

As we have discussed before, the unofficial Whataburger location of SKORDLE is the one in far NWOKC on MacArthur right off the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

Somewhere to eat if you're going to the GOTW… Whataburger and Greasy Steve’s 

Piedmont - Whataburger. No, there's not one in town, but if you're coming from the OKC Metro, you'll drive by plenty. If you're coming in from the west, leave early and go find that Whataburger.

Medford – Greazy Steve’s. Again, not a Greazy Steve's in Medford. It's in Pond Creek, but not that far away. Stop on your way.

Something to make at home… Egg in a Basket

One of my favorite things for breakfast is “Egg in a Basket.”

My Nana and mom used to make them for me and now I make them for myself and my family. 

It’s very simple and yet just a perfect breakfast. 

All you need is a slice of bread, some butter and an egg. 

Here are the directions: 

  1. Butter a piece of bread and then get a small mason jar or glass with circle opening and remove the middle of the bread. (Save the removed circle piece!!)
  2. Place the piece of bread in a greased skillet on medium heat.
  3. Crack an egg and put it in the middle of the piece of bread.
  4. Cook the bread and egg on both sides until desired doneness is achieved. (I - and most people I know - prefer a runny egg, but I know others are scared of the golden goo)
  5. While cooking the Egg in a Basket, cook the removed piece of bread on the side in the skillet until done and then use it to soak up the runny egg or put some jam on it.

Egg in a Basket is simple and delicious! I also suggest using some of that smoked Blue and Gold sausage we talked about on an earlier blog for a complete and very filling breakfast experience!

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