SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 10 (2020)
by Michael Swisher (@michaelswisher)
11/5/2020 8:31:17 AM
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By John Hardaway - I Even Eat BBQ on Pizza

Someplace I like to eat – Jo’s Famous Pizza

Jo’s Famous Pizza is one of my favorite pizza places in Oklahoma.

I visit the Edmond location regularly and will continue to do so forever. It’s a great place with awesome staff and service who will go beyond and above to continue earning your business. 

I have also been to the original Jo’s in Purcell a handful of times and it’s never disappointed either. 

What makes Jo’s so great in my opinion is the incredible crust that’s flaky and buttery every time. They also only use fresh ingredients for toppings. 

They have all the classic pizzas. If you like Pepperoni Pizza, you probably won’t find a better one around!

The entire top is going to be covered in pepperonis and the best part is the pepperoni grease works down into the crust. 

As for the specialty pizzas, I love the Cowboy (it’s BBQ, a shocker, I know) and the Taco. Trust me, it’s so good, but must be for dine-in only because of the cold lettuce topping it needs to be eaten immediately. 

Jo’s also has some great salads and appetizers. 

We normally get a House Salad with Ranch dressing and some Rollers. Get either Pepperoni or Sausage on the Rollers, but you have to request it because normally it’s Canadian Bacon. 

Next time you’re near a Jo’s, you need to go if you have never been because its great pizza!

Someplace to eat if you're going to the Game of the Week  – Rudy’s BBQ

Since it’s the last food blog for the 2020 football season, it’s only appropriate to discuss another solid BBQ joint – Rudy’s BBQ. 

For the purpose of the Game of the Week suggestion, I want to point everyone to the one at the north OKC location on Memorial, off the Kilpatrick Turnpike, west of Quail Springs Mall. 

Rudy’s BBQ roots are in Texas with locations in several states. 

Meat is pulled out of the pit fresh, sliced and plated after ordering which is excellent! 

My favorite smoked meat at Rudy’s the brisket and I always request “moist with bark” for maximum flavor.

The Rudy’s Brisket sandwich is absolutely top notch. 

I’m also a fan of the ribs, turkey, and jalapeño sausage. 

As for sides, my #1 choice is the potato salad, but the coleslaw and cream corn is excellent as well.

I also highly suggest the Banana Pudding to cool and cleanse the palate after all that BBQ.

Here is another secret, Rudy’s does breakfast tacos and man are they awesome.

Warm tortilla, scrambled eggs, cheese and the smoked meat of your choice. 

While the bacon and sausage is good, the brisket breakfast tacos are out of this world! 

If you’re going to GOTW at Cashion, go to Rudy’s first for some great BBQ! 

Something to make at Home – Reverse Sear Steaks

This is the best way to make incredible steak at home.

Guess what: It’s super easy and it’s the reverse sear method.

I highly suggest using filets or very thick ribeye steaks

Here is process and literally anyone can do it:

1. Pull steaks out of fridge, oil, salt and pepper and sit at room temperature for an hour

2. Preheat your oven to 275 degrees

3. Place steaks on a wire rack on a baking sheet and cook in the oven for 30 minutes

4. When 30-minute timer goes off, you need get some oil really hot to get a cast iron or frying pan