Sulphur’s Smith ahead of the pack in 2020
by Ben Johnson (@BenJohnsonTUL)
11/12/2020 1:05:58 AM
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Story by Whitt Carter

Sulphur’s Logan Smith showed early on in his career that he had a chance to be a special player.


The 6-foot-1, 200 lb. senior always possessed elite speed and good size for a running back at the Class 3A level.


But did he ever think he would join the conversation as one of the best ever at Sulphur?


“Being in that category with some studs is crazy to think about,” he said. “Those are the guys I looked up to as a kid.”


Crazy as it sounds, Smith certainly has a seat at the table, as he currently leads the entire state – all classes – in rushing through the end of the regular season.


Smith has carried 173 times for 2,018 yards and 27 touchdowns, which are eye popping numbers at any level.


He is 304 yards ahead of Luke Tarman from Bishop McGuinness, the closest rusher to the distant Bulldog leader.


For Smith, his success this season can be attributed to a multitude of things, especially the guys he has around him and the creative play-calling from the Sulphur coaches.


“I have a lot of trust in my offensive line,” he said. “And the rest of the offense, too. And believing in coach (Corey) Cole to put us in the best spot for success on that specific down.”


Many that watch Sulphur each year and each week have seen Smith improve each year, but especially this season, where he took a huge jump from being very good to great.


“I just tried to stay dedicated in the weight room and have a focused mindset on what I wanted to accomplish in football and this season,” he said.


Smith thinks the weight room has been his biggest friend and key to his success, as it is something he has gone all-in on each day.


“Getting in there and working will eventually play a tremendous role in your success,” he said. “It is a big part of my everyday life and has made the biggest impact on the field for me.”


Strength and conditioning, along with track, has helped the senior develop top-level speed and agility, something he puts on display seemingly each week, as he is truly a big-play waiting to happen.


Smith has 18 touchdowns this year of 40 yards or more, including 11 in the last four games.

He has also rushed for over 300 yards in back-to-back games, including a 312-yard, six touchdown performance last Friday night in the win over Lone Grove, which followed a win over Plainview in which Smith racked up 351 yards and four scores.


“I think my strengths as a runner are my size, speed and vision,” he said. “And having the awareness to know when to cut or not.”


He also is a big-time weapon in the passing game, catching 15 passes for 204 yards and three touchdowns this season. Smith also has a 53-yard punt return for a score.


The senior also has the luxury of having an offensive line that is experienced, and also, improving each week, helping pave the way for over 320 rushing yards per game as a team.


“I’d say the offensive line is the main reason why I have every yard I do,” Smith said. “They have done a great job and without them I wouldn’t have a single yard.”


Spoken like a true leader, which is something Sulphur head coach Jim Dixon has praised Smith for adopting as he has gotten older, developing into the leader for the 2020 Bulldogs.


“I try to focus on being a leader on an off the field and working hard no matter what happens that day,” he said. “I was fortunate enough to see guys like Trey (Kiser) lead us when I was younger and that’s just what I try to do.”


That’s how Smith wants to leave his legacy among the Sulphur greats, for leading the way and continuing to lead by example.


“I want to be remembered for my work ethic and leadership and honestly, how I impacted our team’s success,” he said.


What that success becomes is still yet to be determined, as the Dogs now shift focus to the playoffs.


But for Smith and his teammates, there is only one goal in mind.


“We want to win a state championship,” he said. “When you are at Sulphur, that’s the goal every year.”


How Smith envisions his team giving themselves a chance at accomplishing their ultimate goal is really no surprise.


“We have to stay true to what we do and trust in what we have been doing all year,” he said. “And we know if we keep working hard, we will give ourselves a shot.”

Photo credit: DeJay Arms

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