SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 1 (2021)
by John Hardaway (@CoachHardaway)
9/2/2021 8:30:47 AM
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Well, we are back! 

Another high school football season has already kicked off with some Week 0 games last week and we have full slate of Week 1 games this week. Good luck to all the players, coaches and teams in Oklahoma this year! 

I hope it’s a happy and healthy season for everyone. 

Now, onto other important business – the Food Blog. 

My first entry this season will not even be about food, but rather a refreshing drink experience that everyone needs to try - HTeaO. 

My go-to location is in The Village, in north OKC on May (10805 N. May, to be exact) owned by my great friend Layne Jones - master tea brewer, BBQ Pitmaster, Red Dirt Music Expert and occasional SKORDLE Food Blog contributor.

HTeaO’s loyal fans love to say, “if you know you know” and I couldn’t agree more with this statement regarding the awesomeness that is HTea0 tea. 

My personal favorite is Sweet Georgia Peach with some orange slices in the biggest sized cup they have (51oz) filled ¾ of the way with ice. 

This normally will last me about 20 minutes of drive time and few things are most refreshing on a hot summer day! 

Besides the great tasting tea, I also love eating the now deliciously flavored ice. I wish I had one right now as I am typing.

Besides Sweet Georgia Peach, HTea0 has a whole bunch of other great flavors included classic sweet, coconut, mango, strawberry and blueberry just to name a few. 

All flavors are in both sweet and unsweet versions plus all add-ins like lemon, oranges and fruits. 

Each drink is completely customizable and if you go inside, they have sample cups by each container so you can try and get exactly the one you want! 

I would highly encourage anyone the next time you’re nearby to stop into any of the HTeaO’s located in Oklahoma. 

Happy Hour is every day from 2-4 for ½ price tea! 

Don’t be surprised if the drive-thru line is out in the street, but don’t worry because it’s quick and easy. 

They are used to this type of fandom. It’s that busy because its that good! 

If you know, you know! Nothing is better when its hot outside than an ice-cold sweet tea from HTeaO! 

Where to eat if going to the Game of the Week: Chisholm @ Fairview 

I would highly suggest going to Kidd Drug on Main Street and getting a hand-dipped homemade milk shake from the old school fountain inside. 

They are incredible and an all-time favorite of me and my brothers. 

My youngest brother had a streak of “1 a day” after high school football practices that he ran up a tab on my parents’ bill well over $100 one time before they discovered this, which is still a part of family lore. 

If you can locate a time machine or Marty’s DeLorean, I would point you to Queens Kitchen for the best Chicken Fried Steak Dinner of your life! 

It was the size of your entire plate, super thin with a crushed Club Cracker crust, served with mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and a roll. 

Another one of my favorites was the Feed Lot II up from the Major County Courthouse. 

On Fridays for lunches, they offered an “all you could eat” buffet special for all the football players and cheerleaders in uniform. 

I just remember eating several plates of fried chicken and shrimp and maybe the best scalloped potatoes on the planet. 

I, and I’m sure several others, miss eating at these great local places in Fairview! 

Say “Thank You” to your people

The SKORDLE Game of the Week will be in Fairview this Friday for its game vs Chisholm. 

During the broadcast, SKORDLE is helping to honor the life of Adam Martens, Fairview football’s public address announcer who tragically passed away from an accident earlier this year. 

Adam was a Fairview graduate, a few years older than I and a Yellowjacket through and through. 

Adam played football, basketball and baseball and was pretty dang good at all three. 

Several years ago, Adam became the PA announcer for the Fairview football and basketball games. I know Adam loved his community, loved the athletes/kids (which included his own) and loved being a part of all the action, which included coaching youth sports as well. 

This past year, our conference basketball tournament was hosted by Fairview. I was able visit with Adam during pregame warmups before he announced starting lineups and called the game action. 

Right there at center court, down on the floor at the scorers table, we caught up on all of life’s little things and talked about how great the pickup basketball was on Sunday nights in the Echo Dome 25 years prior. 

Those were epic games if you were playing!  

I will miss seeing him and catching up at our basketball game at Fairview this upcoming year or any Fairview and Cashion athletic contest. 

I know the Fairview Yellowjacket games will not sound the same or be the same without him. 

I want to encourage everyone to say “Thank You” to your people at your school and in your community that help make high school and youth sports happen. 

Every single school and community have people just like Adam. 

They volunteer to do jobs and coach, often without pay or even much appreciation, to help make the sports experience happen for the kids, parents and fans. 

Find your PA guy, the clock keeper, guys running the chains, the youth football coach, or any of the many other folks who do so many other important jobs and make a positive impact.

Tell them “Thank You” because the games don’t happen without them and almost all of them are all doing it for the right reasons, just like Adam did. 

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