SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 6 (2021)
by John Hardaway (@CoachHardaway)
10/5/2021 3:41:42 PM
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The Great Burger Debate

If you watched the premier of the SKORDLE Pay Dirt Pick’Em Show last week, you may have seen the discussion about burgers in Oklahoma and specifically Onion Burgers and the Meers Burger. 

One could argue that these are the two most iconic burgers in Oklahoma. 

The short debate exchange centered around one guest making the statement “I would eat dog food before I would eat an onion burger.” 

This was soon followed up by statements promoting the high quality of the famed Meers burger, only to be rebuked with statements basically saying it was “OK” and nothing special. 

I have had many El Reno-style (Sid’s and Johnnie’s) Onion Burgers in my lifetime. I even love making them on my new Blackstone.

I also made my first trip to Meers Burger this past summer to finally check it out and I was glad I did.

As for the Onion Burger, its roots are in the Great Depression when hamburger cost was high, but onions were cheap.

To stretch the hamburger meat supply as well as keep costs down, onions were cooked directly into the patties. 

What resulted, almost by accident, was pure greatness! 

El Reno even has an Fried Onion Burger Day Festival which I would love to attend some day in the future. 

As for Meers, it is definitely a destination food road trip in Oklahoma that everyone needs to make.