SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 9 (2021)
by John Hardaway (@CoachHardaway)
10/27/2021 7:57:23 AM
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Halloween candy is fantastic and why exactly are these “fun sized” portions so awesome?

I believe the answer lies somewhere in the combination between quantity and variety, where someone can sample and indulge in all their favorites. 

Maybe because it only happens once a year in late October? 

As a child, Halloween meant trick or treating for hours and loading up a paper grocery sack full of Halloween candy, most of which was eaten before bedtime. 

Some of the candy ended up in the freezer for school lunches and daily snacking until all that would be left were Tootsie Rolls, Almond Joys and Mounds because those three are terrible

 I’m sorry if you like those but I do not! 

If you saw Mississippi State Head Football Coach Mike Leach’s post-game interview last Saturday, he really hates candy corn!  

I agree and think most people also hate candy corn except Adam Diesselhorst, whose birthday just so happens to be on Halloween. 

As a parent, Halloween is even better because you get all the Halloween candy without all the work of trick or treating.

I have, unapologetically, trained my children that when there is a choice, we always choose chocolate! 

We have no desire for fruit type candy in our house. 

For me personally, my favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s. 

Any size or shape cups, minis, bars, pumpkins, pieces, etc.

My second place is Kit Kat and then third place is basically anything chocolate besides the things mentioned above. 

There is a decent chance that I eat more of my children’s Halloween candy than they do. I’m an expert in swiping Halloween candy from my children’s stash and I have developed a strategy over many years of pulling pieces from the bottom one at a time. 

If you are fortunate enough to find anyone handing out full size candy bars, that is like hitting the lottery!

I also remember from my childhood some houses giving away homemade brownies, cookies, Rice Krispies treats, popcorn balls or caramel apples (only fruit Halloween exception), but these for the most part are long gone and just distant memories of Halloween long ago. 

I also remember a dentist giving out toothbrushes and floss for Halloween, which I get it. It’s cute and gets a giggle I guess, but as an elementary-aged kid it did absolutely nothing for me or anyone else for that matter.  

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? 


I also wanted to include one of my favorite cold weather soup recipes thanks to Adam Diesselhorst…Minestrone Soup.

I have been making it for years and its one of my absolute favorites.

Trust me it’s fantastic and you should make a pot before heading out to Trick or Treat so it’s ready and happy when you get back.

Diess Minestrone Soup 

Ingredients and Directions. 

1lb Ground Pork

1lb Sausage

1 onion diced 

1 can of chopped spinach

1 big can or container of chicken broth (or more or less if desired if you want it thinner or thicker)

6 cans of Campbell’s Minestrone Soup

1 bag of Cheese Tortellini 

1 bag of finely shredded cheese

1 bag of Fritos (or Saltines, Ritz, Club, Oyster crackers) 

  1. In a pot brown ground pork and sausage together and drain
  2. While draining meat, dice and sauté onions with olive oil in same pot and then return meat
  3. Add spinach, broth (as desired) and Campbell’s Minestrone Soup and bring to boil 
  4. Once pot is boiling, add tortellini and boil until tortellini is floating
  5. Reduce heat to simmer and let it get happy for 30 minUTES
  6. Prepare a bowl and top with shredded cheese and Fritos and enjoy! 

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