SKORDLE STAFF PICKS: Week 2 Playoff Predictions
by Whitt Carter (@whittcarter)
11/19/2021 7:47:24 AM
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What a wild first week of the playoffs!

There were plenty of surprising results, especially the handful of upsets in the larger classes.

Nonetheless, we still have some incredible matchups in the second round. 

Last week, Jayce led the way, going 73-15.

I was right behind at 72-16 and Steven was close by, finishing 68-20.

Let's see how we fare this week. Only 44 teams will be left come Saturday morning!

Class 6A-I
Jenks vs. Mustang

Whitt: Jenks
Steven: Jenks
Jayce: Jenks

Broken Arrow vs. Union
Whitt: Broken Arrow
Steven: Broken Arrow
Jayce: Union

Class 6A-II
Bixby vs. Stillwater
Whitt: Bixby
Steven: Bixby
Jayce: Bixby

Deer Creek vs. Sand Springs
Whitt: Sand Springs
Steven: Deer Creek
Jayce: Deer Creek

Class 5A
Coweta at Carl Albert
Whitt: Carl Albert
Steven: Coweta
Jayce: Coweta

Guthrie at McAlester
Whitt: McAlester
Steven: McAlester
Jayce: McAlester

McGuinness at Collinsville
Whitt: Collinsville
Steven: Collinsville
Jayce: Collinsville

Pryor at Lawton MacArthur
Whitt: Lawton Mac
Steven: Lawton Mac
Jayce: Lawton Mac

Class 4A
Blanchard at Poteau
Whitt: Poteau
Steven: Poteau
Jayce: Poteau

Bristow at Clinton
Whitt: Clinton
Steven: Clinton
Jayce: Clinton

Elk City at Grove
Whitt: Grove
Steven: Grove
Jayce: Elk City

Wagoner at Tuttle
Whitt: Tuttle
Steven: Tuttle
Jayce: Tuttle

Class 3A
Berryhill at Heritage Hall
Whitt: Heritage Hall
Steven: Heritage Hall
Jayce: Heritage Hall

Perkins at Holland Hall
Whitt: Holland Hall
Steven: Holland Hall
Jayce: Holland Hall

Sulphur at Lincoln Christian
Whitt: Lincoln
Steven: Lincoln
Jayce: Lincoln

Verdigris at Plainview
Whitt: Verdigris
Steven: Verdigris
Jayce: Verdigris 

Class 2A
Antlers at Rejoice Christian
Whitt: Rejoice
Steven: Rejoice
Jayce: Rejoice

Beggs at Vian
Whitt: Vian
Steven: Vian
Jayce: Beggs

Chandler at Marlow
Whitt: Marlow
Steven: Marlow
Jayce: Marlow

Community Christian at Oklahoma Christian School
Whitt: OCS
Steven: OCS
Jayce: OCS

Jones at Washington
Whitt: Washington
Steven: Washington
Jayce: Washington

Lindsay at Crossings Christian
Whitt: Crossings
Steven: Crossings
Jayce: Crossings

Cascia Hall at Victory Christian
Whitt: Victory
Steven: Victory
Jayce: Victory

Metro Christian at Eufaula
Whitt: Eufaula
Steven: Metro
Jayce: Eufaula

Class A
Elmore City-Pernell at Burns Flat-Dill City
Whitt: Burns Flat
Steven: Elmore City
Jayce: Elmore City

Colcord at Pawhuska
Whitt: Pawhuska
Steven: Pawhuska
Jayce: Pawhuska

Hooker at Cashion
Whitt: Cashion
Steven: Cashion
Jayce: Cashion

Tonkawa at Fairview
Whitt: Fairview 
Steven: Fairview
Jayce: Fairview

Woodland at Gore
Whitt: Gore
Steven: Gore
Jayce: Gore

Stroud at Morrison
Whitt: Morrison
Steven: Morrison
Jayce: Morrison

Minco at Ringling
Whitt: Ringling
Steven: Ringling
Jayce: Ringling

Pawnee at Mounds
Whitt: Pawnee
Steven: Mounds
Jayce: Mounds

Class B
Balko-Forgan at Empire
Whitt: Balko
Steven: Balko
Jayce: Balko

Caddo at Seiling
Whitt: Seiling
Steven: Caddo
Jayce: Seiling

Garber at Dewar
Whitt: Dewar
Steven: Dewar
Jayce: Dewar

Keota at Davenport
Whitt: Davenport
Steven: Davenport
Jayce: Davenport

Shattuck at Velma-Alma
Whitt: Shattuck
Steven: Velma
Jayce: Velma

Tipton at Laverne
Whitt: Laverne
Steven: Laverne
Jayce: Laverne

Regent Prep at Summit Christian
Whitt: Regent Prep
Steven: Summit
Jayce: Regent Prep

Wetumka at Pioneer
Whitt: Pioneer
Steven: Pioneer
Jayce: Pioneer

Class C
Wesleyan Christian at Mountain View-Gotebo
Whitt: Mountain View
Steven: Mountain View
Jayce: Mountain View

Boise City at Timberlake
Whitt: Timberlake
Steven: Timberlake
Jayce: Timberlake

Midway at Tyrone
Whitt: Tyrone
Steven: Tyrone
Jayce: Tyrone

Waynoka at Maud
Whitt: Waynoka
Steven: Maud
Jayce: Waynoka

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