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11/26/2021 10:13:49 AM
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With another wild week of the playoffs behind us, we gear up for some semifinal and quarterfinal action. There are so many good games on tap. I can't pick my favorite one. And I bet you can't either. So tune into Skordle Pay Dirt to watch action all over the state and go live to different games during the crucial moments.

Last week, Jayce was out in front again, as he went 36-8. I was right behind, again, at 35-9. Steven also had another good week, finishing 31-13.

For the playoffs, Jayce still leads the way with a 109-23 record. I'm two games back at 107-25 and Steven is 10 games back at 99-33.

For the year, Jayce leads with a 150-40 record, while I'm 148-42 and Steven is 136-54.

Here are the playoff picks for this week!

Class 5A
No. 6 Lawton Mac vs. No. 1 McAlester
Whitt: McAlester
Steven: McAlester
Jayce: Lawton Mac

No. 3 Carl Albert vs. No. 2 Collinsville
Whitt: Carl Albert
Steven: Collinsville
Jayce: Collinsville

Class 4A
No. 3 Clinton vs. Elk City
Whitt: Clinton
Steven: Clinton
Jayce: Clinton

No. 1 Tuttle vs. No. 2 Poteau
Whitt: Poteau 
Steven: Tuttle
Jayce: Poteau

Class 3A
No. 2 Heritage Hall vs. No. 1 Lincoln Christian
Whitt: Lincoln
Steven: Lincoln
Jayce: Lincoln

No. 4 Verdigris vs. No. 3 Holland Hall
Whitt: Holland Hall
Steven: Holland Hall
Jayce: Holland Hall

Class 2A
No. 8 Eufaula @ No. 3 OCS
Whitt: OCS
Steven: OCS
Jayce: OCS

No. 2 Marlow @ Cascia Hall

No. 10 Crossings Christian @ No. 5 Beggs
Whitt: Beggs
Steven: Beggs
Jayce: Beggs

No. 6 Rejoice Christian @ No. 1 Washington
Whitt: Washington
Steven: Washington
Jayce: Washington

Class A
Morrison @ No. 7 Tonkawa
Whitt: Morrison
Steven: Tonkawa
Jayce: Tonkawa

No. 1 Ringling @ Pawnee
Whitt: Ringling
Steven: Ringling
Jayce: Ringling

No. 6. Pawhuska @ No. 10 Elmore City
Whitt: Pawhuska
Steven: Pawhuska
Jayce: Pawhuska

No. 3 Cashion @ Woodland
Whitt: Cashion
Steven: Cashion
Jayce: Cashion

Class B
Summit Christian @ No. 1 Laverne
Whitt: Laverne
Steven: Laverne
Jayce: Laverne

Pioneer @ Shattuck
Whitt: Shattuck
Steven: Shattuck
Jayce: Shattuck

No. 2 Dewar @ Seiling
Whitt: Dewar
Steven: Dewar
Jayce: Dewra

No. 3 Davenport @ No. 5 Balko-Forman
Whitt: Balko
Steven: Davenport
Jayce: Balko

Class C
No. 2 Timberlake vs. No. 3 Tyrone
Whitt: Timberlake
Steven: Timberlake
Jayce: Timberlake

No. 1 Mountain View-Gotebo vs. No. 5 Waynoka
Whitt: MVG
Steven: MVG
Jayce: MVG

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