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12/2/2021 9:55:27 AM
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It's championship week!

It has been an incredible month of high school football in Oklahoma and now we have finally made it to the title games for six of the nine classes!

A champion will be crowned this weekend in Class 6A-1, 6A-2, 5A , 4A, 3A and C, while Class 2A, A and B will feature some great semifinal matchups and then crown a champion next weekend.

Steven, Jayce and myself were all 17-3 last week, so there's progress!

Jayce still leads in the playoffs with a 126-26 record. I am two games behind at 124-28 and Steven is 10 games back at 116-36.

Jayce also leads by two games in the yearlong standings, sitting at 167-43, while I am 165-45 and Steven is close behind at 153-57.

Let's see how we do in the first of two championship weeks! 

Time to go gold ball chasin'!


Class 6A-1
No. 1 Jenks vs. No. 2 Union
Whitt: Jenks
Steven: Jenks
Jayce: Jenks

Class 6A-2
No. 1 Bixby vs. Deer Creek
Whitt: Bixby
Steven: Bixby
Jayce: Bixby

Class 5A
No. 1 McAlester vs. No. 2 Collinsville
Whitt: McAlester
Steven: McAlester
Jayce: Collinsville

Class 4A
No. 1 Tuttle vs. No. 3 Clinton
Whitt: Tuttle
Steven: Tuttle
Jayce: Tuttle

Class 3A
No. 1 Lincoln Christian vs. No. 3 Holland Hall
Whitt: Lincoln
Steven: Lincoln
Jayce: Lincoln

Class 2A
No. 8 Eufaula vs. No. 2 Marlow
Whitt: Eufaula
Steven: Marlow
Jayce: Marlow

No. 1 Washington vs. No. 5 Beggs
Whitt: Washington
Steven: Washington
Jayce: Beggs

Class A
No. 1 Ringling vs. Morrison
Whitt: Ringling
Steven: Ringling
Jayce: Ringling

No. 3 Cashion vs. No. 6 Pawhuska
Whitt: Cashion
Steven: Cashion
Jayce: Cashion

Class B
No. 1 Laverne vs. Shattuck
Whitt: Shattuck
Steven: Laverne
Jayce: Laverne

No. 2 Dewar vs. No. 5 Balko-Forman
Whitt: Dewar
Steven: Dewar
Jayce: Balko

Class C
No. 1 Mountain View-Gotebo vs. No. 2 Timberlake
Whitt: Timberlake
Steven: Mt. View-Gotebo
Jayce: Mt. View-Gotebo

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