SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 1 (2022)
by John Hardaway (@CoachHardaway)
8/30/2022 3:27:44 PM
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Oklahoma high school football is finally back in full swing this week with a full slate of games in all classes. 

There were some quality matchups last week in Week 0, but it sure will be nice to see all the teams in action from 6A down to C as prep football action is now full bore. 

In my final installment of 2021, I shared my experiences at the world-renowned Mama's Fish House in Maui following my vacation there the previous summer. 

As I was pondering which food journey to share here in Week 1, I decided what I really wanted to do was share my experiences from my vacation in Maine this past summer. 

It was an incredible trip with college friends and we ate at some great places during our stay. 

The saying is “Maine…the way life should be,” and when it comes to lobster and blueberry pie, I couldn't agree more! 

My great friend Dan and his amazing wife Kaylan made this trip possible  and we can’t wait to go back someday. Besides the delicious food, 70 degrees with no wind and no humidity in late June was the best way ever to escape the brutal Oklahoma summer.

Our first food stop in Maine was in Portland for a late lunch at the famous DiMillo’s on the Water. 

It’s a big floating restaurant right there in the Old Port. The views of the harbor were fantastic and did I mention the weather?

Light jackets and sweatshirts on June 20! 

I ordered the Lobster Mac and Cheese and it was one of the richest seafood dishes I have eaten. I almost struggled to finish…almost. 

Fat rigatoni noodles mixed with cheese, fresh lobster claws and a rich butter cream sauce. 

If not for the beautiful Maine scenery on the two-hour drive north to Clifton, my sleepiness would have probably gotten the better of me! 

Our second food stop on the trip was the Eagles Nest Restaurant in Brewer, known for its “World Famous Lobster Roll” and this was easily the best one I had on the entire trip! 

Dan said this was his favorite one around, so it had to be true. 

So why was this Lobster Roll the best? 

Well, it had more lobster on it than any roll I have ever had before or after it. 

Secondly, this lobster was so fresh, so cold and had the perfect amount of mayo sauce mixed with it on that fresh bread roll, it just melted in your mouth with every bite.