SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 3: Skyline Chili
by John Hardaway (@CoachHardaway)
9/13/2022 10:46:32 AM
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I was fortunate enough last Spring Break to have the opportunity to make a quick trip to Cincinnati to visit my G-pop and Uncle Joe. 

While in Cincinnati, I had the opportunity to eat at the famous Skyline Chili for the first time ever for lunch with my G-pop. 

I have been wanting to eat at Skyline for as long as I could remember and I was excited this trip gave me the perfect opportunity. 

The place was packed for lunch and our booth was located right next to the kitchen, which I really enjoyed because we could watch the entire assembly process. 

I decided to get the classic Chili 5 Way, which is chili, noodles, onions, beans and cheese.