SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 3 (2023): Flour and Fennel Pizza
by John Hardaway (@CoachHardaway)
9/13/2023 10:26:22 AM
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How great is it that we are at this point of the football season where we now have the high school, college and NFL seasons all rocking and rolling?! 

I hope everyone is enjoying all the football almost every night of the week now. 

Here in Cashion, Oklahoma, it is homecoming week and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce everyone to our new and awesome pizza place, Flour and Fennel. 

This local and homemade pizza has become very popular with locals and anyone who happens to be visiting our area. 

If you are visiting Cashion for a ballgame, school event, or just wanting to take a short drive out from the metro, I would highly recommend visiting Flour and Fennel for a great pizza eating experience. 

At Flour and Fennel, the star of the show for me is the crust! 

Their pizza dough is prepared fresh daily and they offer two different crust styles: New York and Detroit.