SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 6 (2023): Texas BBQ in Dallas
by John Hardaway (@CoachHardaway)
10/4/2023 11:40:09 AM
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We are past the halfway point of the Oklahoma high school football season and district play is full swing as teams are fighting for playoff position, which will begin about a month from now.

It is also a big week for college football with the annual OU/Texas Red River Rivalry game.

Many Oklahomans will be heading down I-35 to watch the big game and here are some of my recommendations for some great BBQ places in the Dallas area if you need somewhere to stop pre- or post-game:

Pecan Lodge Deep Ellum Probably my favorite of all the ones on this list. The brisket is out of this world, with maybe the richest bark of any brisket I have ever had. All the meats and sides are fantastic. If they have any beef ribs available, I highly suggest getting one. The line to get in can get long, so get there early and be prepared to wait a little bit. Expert Tip- If you are ordering more than 5 lbs of total meat, you can skip the normal line and get in the express lane which is much faster.

Hard 8 Colony or Coppell - I absolutely love how they prepare and serve their BBQ. You will walk up and outside you will come across the big meat pit containing all the smoked food items. You will make your selections, they will be cut and weighed outside. You will then proceed inside to pick out all your hot and cold sides and desserts. After your tray is completely jam-packed, you pay at the end and find a seat. The sausage, ribs, chicken and smoked corn were all amazing and the brisket was very good. Expert Tip - Hard 8 has a giant pot of free slow cooked beans for everyone to enjoy. I think this would be perfect on a really cold day with some warm corn bread.