Frequently asked questions

We try to update these questions as we get asked, but please Contact Us if you have a question that's not listed here.

What is trust level?

Trust levels are set for each game based on the reputation of the user who updated the score. Trust levels range from 1 to 10. All users start at 5.0 and their rating goes up each time they post a score. A user's rating can go down if another user disputes that score.

Where do the scores come from?

We depend on our users to submit scores to us. This is all handled directly through the app so that updates can be pushed in real time.

How accurate are the scores?

All of our scores are given a "trust level. This trust level is based on a user's history and reputation with Skordle. Trust level on a score can also go up if more than one user confirms that score. All in all, the scores tend to be very accurate.

Why isn't my team/game listed?

We get most of our schedules from OSSAA. If your game isn't listed, its probably because your school hasn't submitted the full schedule to OSSAA yet. Contact us to add a game.

How can I add my team's logo?

We'd love to add your logo! To keep our lawyers happy, though, we need your principal or administrator to submit a Use of Logo Agreement, or if your school's logo isn't copyrighted, just shoot us an email and let us know that and we'll get it added.

What are the red & green percentages on some of the games?

This is the percentage of users who picked that specific team to win. Just tap the "pick" button to pick your winners.