SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 4 (2020)
by Michael Swisher (@michaelswisher)
9/24/2020 8:31:51 AM
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By John Hardaway - Missing the State Fair 

Someplace I like to eat - State Fair of Oklahoma

Sadly, there was no State Fair this year. 

That means no annual food gorging pilgrimages for thousands of Oklahomans to indulge in all things deep fried, smoked, on a stick, and low carb/low calorie. 

In honor of this sacred rite of passage for so many, here is the State Fair food blog from last year. 

Enjoy and remember the good times! 

And, like so many things, hopefully the State Fair is back in 2021.

Someplace to eat if going to Game of the Week…Flamingo

Check out the food blog post from last year that covered the Flamingo Lounge in Enid. 

If you’re going to ANY game in Enid, that’s where you need to go…and there should be plenty of you in town.

We have our Game of the Week as undefeated Crescent is visiting Oklahoma Bible Academy.

However, Jenks will be in town to play Enid and Chisholm is hosting Oklahoma Christian School fans.

So all of you Crescent, Jenks and Edmond folks are strongly encouraged to stop by the Flamingo. You won’t be disappointed.

Something to make at home this Week - Camp Potatoes 

This is one of the best potato casserole recipes of all time and, ironically, maybe the easiest to make. 

Mrs. Debbie Weckstein, wife of Frontier boys basketball coach Bob Weckstein, gets the credit for this classic with what she calls “Sinful Potatoes.” 

She has been making massive pans of this for as long as I can remember for the coaches at Frontier Team Camp. 

I asked her for the recipe several years ago and I have probably made it 1,000 times since and it never disappoints. 

My absolute favorite part of Camp Potatoes is the slightly burnt crispy corners/edge, but let’s be honest, all of it is really good.

I love it alongside a great steak or with BBQ (shocker, I know).