SKORDLE SAMPLER - Week 5 (2020)
by Michael Swisher (@michaelswisher)
10/1/2020 8:33:31 AM
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By John Hardaway - I didn't talk about BBQ this time

Someplace I like to eat...Missy’s Donuts, Bakery & Deli in Guthrie

Missy’s Donuts is the best donut place in Oklahoma.

Hands down.

Living 15 minutes away, the proximity to Missy’s and its incredible donuts has been awesome over the years. The only complaining might come from my belt.

My personal favorites are the apple fritters and fried cinnamon rolls, but all the donuts are just amazing, truthfully.

There is NOTHING better with a hot cup of coffee!  

Somehow Missy’s has mastered the exact method to get them perfectly cooked and then iced. They also make great sausage rolls and I like the jalapeño ones with a little mustard. 

Here is a little secret…their lunch is really good too! 

My go-to is the chicken salad sandwich with chips and lemonade. You can’t find a better chicken salad sandwich anywhere. 

Now if you want some dessert, I highly suggest the “breakfast bars” (zero anything breakfast about them), which is basically a chocolate cookie fudge brownie topped with chocolate chips and other good stuff.

Lemon bars and lemon poppy seed bread are excellent as well. 

So, I highly suggest checking out Missy’s for breakfast or lunch the next time you’re rolling through Guthrie. 

Someplace to eat if you’re going to the GOTW - Luther at Chisholm …AGAIN…FLAMINGO!

For any of those people going to Enid for the game and still haven’t take the advice from SKORDLE and not gone to the FLAMINGO LOUNGE for the awesome burger and chili cheese nachos, please read this again! 

Nothing else to post if you’re going to Enid for the game. 

Something to make at home…Smoked Blue and Gold Sausage Roll

As many of us in Oklahoma know, its Blue and Gold sausage time in all our local high schools and FFA chapters.

Blue and Gold sausage is about as Oklahoman as it gets, like Sonic ice and Mazzio’s ranch.

I’m a really big fan of the smoked Blue and Gold sausage roll and it’s really the only way to do it in my humble opinion. 

It really this simple: 

1. Thaw the roll

2. Generously, but not recklessly scattering, season with whatever seasoning you wish- I love Lawry’s Seasoning Salt for these,

3. Place on your smoker or indirect heat and cook for 2-3 hours at about 250-275. Once the sausage roll is firm and about 1/3 smaller, it’s probably ready, but you can always slice in the middle to investigate doneness.